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Chief Administrative Officer, Welcome Message

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Buikwe District Local GovernmentWelcome to Buikwe District Local Government official website. As you navigate our website, I hope you learn and appreciate more about the status of Buikwe District Local Government as an outstanding provider of essential government services, vehicles for transportation, and a wonderful place for its citizens.

The District earned public trust and respect for one simple reason: teamwork among the technical staff and political leaders who offer a strong foundation for good services to the communities. The workforce is committed and takes pride and ownership in their duties, work with passion and pride rendering great experience for the public attention is given to increase visibility and reliability giving citizen first choice.
Buikwe District Local Government/ now more than ever is critically focusing on ensuring that the communities enjoy better standards of living and improve the quality of life.  This is being done by increased engagement and ensuring all citizens access government services. The district is committed to implementing the District Development Plan III which is aligned to the National Development Plan III programs with the aim of realizing the increasing household income and quality of life.
Currently, the district is working with a number of development partners that support the effective and efficient delivery of services to the communities. Over time, we have accumulated knowledge from our development partners which have set standards for excellent service delivery in areas to do with community-based services, healthcare, education services, production services, safe and quality water services, etc. We apply the very best international insights accumulated from international partners to keep the communities of Buikwe at the leading edge.
The District is defined by key values of Trustworthiness, Customer Care, Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability. These reflect how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. We hold each other accountable for creating a district where everyone is proud to live in and work from.
We look forward to working together with everyone to bring service delivery to excellency and please don’t hesitate to drop any proposal spin  or comment that will contribute to building a better Buikwe and world to live in
Allow me to enjoin you as part of the partnership and collaboration that will contribute to the transformation of Buikwe. We need to brand Buikwe as s destination for settlement, business and tourism. It is our collective duty therefore to create products, businesses, and packages that will not only improve our income but also make us a leading local authority.

Kuruhiira Godfrey M.A
Chief Administrative Officer
Buikwe District Local Government