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Objectives and Policy Issues


  • To empower communities to appreciate, access, participate manage and demand accountability in public and community based initiatives.
  • To provide social protection to vulnerable groups in community i.e. children, youth, women PWDs/elderly thorough promotion of human rights based approach.
  • To promote decent employment opportunities and labour productivity


  • Promote Gender mainstreaming in Development plans, programmes and projects
  • Reduce Gender Based Violence and promote women Rights
  • Improve the functionality and accessibility to quality non-formal literacy and numeracy services
  • Zero tolerance to child labour
  • Promote safety and health, harmony and good industrial relations at workplaces.
  • Enable youth massively mobilize and sensitize youth communities to have them benefit from development programmes.
  • Mobilize and build capacity of PWDs to participate in the Development process
  • Advocacy for the placement of PWDs in employment / IGAs
  • Promote partnership between Government , NGOs and Development partners
  • Promote children welfare and OVCs protection