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District Chairperson, Welcome Message

The Government of Uganda adopted the decentralization policy with the objective of fostering democracy, popular and participatory governance, and promotion of social and economic development. Indeed, decentralization aimed at empowering people to make their own lawful decisions, attain equitable distribution of resources among and within Local Governments; and ensure improved service delivery by minimizing centralization of decision-making by the Central Government. Decentralization also empowers Local Governments to generate local revenue through improved local tax collection and making political leaders and civil servants more accountable to the population.


Based on the powers vested upon Local Governments by the Constitution and others laws, Buikwe District formulated a District Development Plan in harmony with the National Development Plan. Consequently the DDP represents the commitment of the District leadership to address the needs of the community and its pledge to continue consolidating previous achievements. The major challenges for the District leadership, however, lie in the inadequate resources available to the District which do not match the devolved responsibilities; shortage of skilled personnel to provide services amidst poor remuneration and management.


The porous state of the financial resources available to the District calls for special attention if success is to be registered during the implementation of the DDP II and the Annual Work plans. Otherwise, the District cannot fulfill its functions of service delivery and local economic development promotion without paying serious attention to its capacity to mobilize adequate financial resources. Local revenue mobilization must be positively linked to service delivery to the communities to avoid resentment among the taxpayers. Poor service delivery manifests itself into resentment of the populace to pay taxes.


Consequently, Buikwe District has emphasized participation of stakeholders at all levels. The DDP is intended to guide the District to develop improved comprehensive governance structures and systems for sustainable quality service delivery. The plan will also assist the leadership in the District to define and optimally coordinate resources from the different development partners in the District for rational utilization and maximum benefits. The DDP implores the District to re-orient its staff to think differently and focus on outcomes in order to register improved performance in service delivery. In the ensuing FY 2015/16, Lugazi Municipal Council will commence operations while efforts are underway to secure Njeru Municipal Council amidst increasing Central Government projects in our District namely Katosi Road, Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Kampala Express Highway which will defiantly transform and spur development in Buikwe District


Therefore, on behalf of the entire District leadership, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the ICEIDA for the timely support to the District. Furthermore, I commend ICEIDA for accepting to work within the existing statutory structures and other institutional arrangements, and ensuring meaningful participation of the leadership in the District, which has cultivated a sense of ownership of the DDP II right from its inception. I wish to appeal to all stakeholders including development partners, Civil Society Organizations, private sector, and the community to support implementation of this plan through providing the necessary support to enable Buikwe District Local Government provide adequate and accessible social services for improved standards of living of the people in the District.

For God and My Country


Kigongo Mathias